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Length37.5 IN952.5 MM
Height9.5 IN241.3 MM
Width (No Battery)10.5 IN266.7 MM
Width (One Battery)11.38 IN289 MM
Width (Two Batteries)12.6 IN320 MM
Weight (No Battery)50.7 LBS22.9 KG
Weight (One Battery)52.9 LBS23.9 KG
Weight (Two Batteries)55.1 LBS24.9 KG
Max. Spread Distance16.64 IN422.7 MM
Max. Spread Force286,000 LBS1,272 KN
Max. Cut Force156,000 LBS694 KN
Power Source28 Volt Milwaukee Battery 
NFPA 1936-2015 COMPLIANTYes 
NFPA CUT TESTA8, B9, C8, D8, E9 

Battery Combi EBFCC.28D

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